Aquaculture Training Courses

We offer several Aquaculture & Aquaponics Courses:

  • Aquaculture & Aquaponics Course.
  • Practical Fish Farmer Course.
  • Trading Courses (Export & Wholesale)
  • Vessel Fishing Courses.
  • Modern Aquaculture Techniques.
  • Quality Analysis Courses.
  • Processing & Packaging Courses.

    Please note that all Courses are offered on condition that a minimum of 4 delegates must be secured, otherwise the Course may be postponed.


    This Course takes the delegate through the theory behind the Industries that are grabbing the world by storm.  Aquaculture and Aquaponics are both growing extremey rapidly but before diving in, this Course provides comprehensive theory on the what, how and how much of this business opportunity. This Course is held at
    various cities across India.


    Aquaponics is growing rapidly as an interest and as a business venture in India. This Course takes interested parties through the theory of aquaponics and the components, to the daily tasks associated with operating a commercial or hobbyist system, with the primary focus being understanding the Industry and commercial aspects.


    This Course is a comprehensive trip through the theory of Aquaculture, from an overview of the global industry, through the infrastructure types, species being farmed, reproduction of fish, feeds & feeding, water quality management, fish health, economics and many other aspects pertinent to the investor considering this industry and needing information to justify and direct an investment decision.


    The farming of fish has become a massive global industry producing in excess of 50 million tons of fish p.a. This 5-day Course takes the delegate through the daily routines associated with running of a commercial Fish Farm, focussing on Tilapia, Catfish and Trout, Shrimps but refering to many other species as well. Fish farming theory is discussed in detail but the main focus is on the management systems and practical aspects of daily management. Although the focus is on Shrimps, fish farmers who produce other species will also benefit from the principles taught on this Course. The Course is run on the Aquaculture and delegate numbers are limited to around 10 per Course to ensure personal attention.

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